Drupal 7 - Paragraph Bundle Examples

SSU Drupal 7 sites offer some pre-built and styled blocks known as Paragraph Bundles.  These are mostly available on Landing Pages, but some can also be used with Basic Pages.  To add them to your page, login to your site, select a page to edit, then scroll to the bottom of the editing screen and click on Sub-Content.  You'll see buttons for the various Paragraph Bundles. 

Below are screenshots and descriptions of the various Paragraph Bundles that can be applied to Landing Pages in Drupal. Click the images below to zoom.

Basic Block with Background Color

Uses the What You See Is What You Get editor for the Body. Works for an unlimited number of lines of text, and can be used with images, videos and Content Templates. SSU brand colors may be selected for the block's background color. Font colors (either black or white) are automatically selected for accessibility with the chosen background color. 

Screenshot of Basic Block with Background Color

Simple Paragraph

Uses the WYSIWYG editor for the Body. Works for up to about 10 lines of text. Can include images or other media. 

Screenshot of Simple Paragraph


Paragraph with Menu

Similar to the Simple Paragraph, but with additional fields to add a short menu of links on the right side.

Screenshot of Paragraph with Menu


Testimonial Carousel

Multiple testimonial items including an image, quote and attribution. Displayed as a carousel.

Screenshot of Testimonial Carousel


Links and Map

Up to 9 button-like links, and the department's location information with a Google map.

Screenshot of Links and Map

Two Row Paragraphs

2 paragraph blocks, each with heading, brief text, and multiple button-like links. The first paragraph has a background image with a color overlay (SSU brand color Field dark). The second paragraph uses SSU brand color Field light for the background and can include an image aligned to the left.

Screenshot of Two Row Paragraphs

Three Column CTA (Call To Action)

Three equal size images, with places for category text, title and link.

Screenshot of 3 Column CTA

Image Grid

Heading and 3 or 6 images that link to other pages, plus an optional button-style link at the bottom.

Screenshot of Image Grid


Insert and stack content into multiple collapsible accordion items.

Screenshot of Accordion

Stats Carousel

Multiple brief items, like promotional stats, are displayed in a carousel against a background image.

Screenshot of Stats Carousel


Tabbed Paragraph

A set of 2-5 tabs, each containing content in a variety of formats. The Tabbed Paragraph has a Title and Body, and then Individual Tab Items. Those can include some nested Paragraph Bundle types, like Grid Items or Accordions.

Screenshot of Tabbed Paragraph

Logo Carousel

This paragraph bundle is available by request only.  Please submit a Drupal/Website Change Request ticket to request the Logo Carousel for your department Drupal site.

Logo Carousel includes a heading, and uses the WYSIWYG editor for the Body. At the bottom of the block is a carousel that can be used for images that can link to other pages or sites.  The background color can use any SSU brand color.

Screenshot of Logo Carousel