Drupal 7 - Acalog Widget to Embed Course and Program Descriptions

Need Help?

Kari Manwiller in Academic Programs provides support for the Catalog and the Acalog Widget.

To remove existing Drupal Course pages from your site, please submit a Drupal/Website ticket of the "Problem/Issue with Live Site" type. Include the URL of your Courses page.

Academic Departments can use the Acalog Widget to embed the Catalog's program and course content in their Drupal sites. This allows Departments to include up-to-date information in their websites without making frequent edits to remain in sync with the official catalog. See these examples:


  1. Copy one of the code snippets below.
  2. In a separate tab or window, login to your Drupal site, navigate to the page you wish to add the widget to and click New Draft. Or, if you want to add the widget to a new page, go to Manage > Content > Add Content, and select the type of page you want to add. A Basic Page is probably the best choice.
    Note: At this time, the Acalog Widget does not function properly on Drupal 7 Landing Pages. Please use a Basic Page for your Acalog Widget content.
  3. In the HTML text editor, click the "Source" button to show the HTML view and paste the code you copied in step 2. If there is other text already in the page, be careful to insert the code into the correct place in the page.
  4. Edit the script to use the appropriate Program name or Course prefix.
    • For the Program widget, edit the data-acalog-program-name value. Replace PROGRAM-NAME with the exact name of the program from the catalog. You can find the exact name of your program on the Catalog's Program by Department page.
    • For the Courses widget, edit the data-acalog-course-type value.  Replace COURSE-PREFIX with the exact prefix of the courses.
    • If you turn off the Source view, be careful not to modify the section you just pasted.
  5. Save and Publish. 

Code Snippets

Program widget

This will insert the text from the Catalog Program Description page. The program name must appear exactly as it is in the Catalog.

Courses widget

This will display a list of courses within a department. Each course title links to the course description in the current catalog.