Drupal 9 - How to Login to Sites

As SSU works through the upgrade to Drupal 9, department content editors will need to login to  D9 sites in our sandbox, stage and pre-production environments.  

Login URLs

Sandbox Sites

Sites for exploring D9 and learning how to build content:

Stage Sites

Sites for performing migration QA and staging:

Pre-Production Sites

Replaces the Sandbox, and is used for final review and approval:

Production Sites

After a site migration and upgrade has been completed and the site is live.

How to Login

Drupal 9 uses SSU’s single sign-on system.

Note: Sandboxes, Stage and Pre-Production sites have an additional level of HTTP authentication to prevent search engines and other unauthorized access. This won’t be required once your migrated department site is launched.

  1. Go to your site's login URL. Be sure you are using https and not http.
  2. HTTP authentication dialog will be presented.  If you don't know this shared username and password, please consult the email sent to you via Drupal-Announce, or contact drupal@sonoma.edu.
  3. Click SSU Single Sign-on.
  4. Authenticate with SSU’s single sign-on system, including multi-factor authentication.
  5. You are returned to the Drupal Sandbox and logged in as a content editor.