Drupal 7 - How to Add a Faculty/Staff Profile

Faculty/Staff Profile is one of the content types available in all SSU Drupal sites.  It includes a variety of fields that may be used to create profile pages for department faculty, staff, emeritus and others.

To add a new profile:

  1. Login to the Drupal site.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Click Content.
  4. Click Add Content.
  5. Click Faculty/Staff Profile.
  6. Fill out the fields you want to use for the profile.  In most cases, empty fields are omitted from the saved page display.
    • Picture - browse to upload or select an image.
    • Employee Type (required)
    • First Name
    • Last Name (this is used to influence sorting, see below)
    • Full Name as it should be displayed at the top of the page (required)
    • Professional Title
    • Contact info - phone, email office location
    • Office hours
    • Personal website title and link
    • free text areas for General State, About, Biography, Education, Academic Interests, Concentrations, Selected Publications
    • for sites that list all classes and course, the courses taught may be selected.
    • Menu Settings - On most sites, click Provide a menu link, and select the default Parent item.  This should be something like Faculty & Staff (disabled).  If this option is not available, uncheck Provide a menu link.
  7. Publishing options - select Needs Review, then Save.
  8. Preview the page, and select Publish and click Apply.

The new profile page has been added to the site. 

On most sites, the page that contains a view of all faculty and/or staff will also include the new profile's image, contact details, and a link to the full profile page.

See example profile pages and views on the Music and Human Development department sites.

Sorting Faculty/Staff Profiles in the View

You can enter any alphabetic characters in that field to influence the sort order of Faculty/Staff profiles in the view.  The Last Name field is only used to determine sorting - it is not displayed on the page or in the view.  

For example, if you want a specific Faculty or Staff member to be displayed at the beginning of the view's list, enter "A" in the Last Name field.  If you want someone to show up at the end of the list, enter "Z" in the Last Name field.