Drupal 7 - Changing a Menu Item

The text and location of a menu item can be changed in two places.

Note: for some content types, changing a page's menu location may change the URL path of the page. Take note of the URL path before and after making the change.  If you need to manually adjust the URL path, use the URL path settings tab, disable "Generate automatic URL alias" and edit the URL alias field.

Make a New Draft to change a single page's menu location

  1. Make a New Draft of the page.
  2. Click Menu settings.
  3. Edit the Menu link title to change the link text of the menu item.
  4. Select a different Parent item to move the page from one section of the site to another, or to move the link up or down a level (first, second or third level link).
  5. Change the Weight of the item to move the link up or down within that menu section.  Generally, negative values move the item up the menu, positive numbers move the item down the menu.
  6. Save and Publish.

Directly Edit the Menu

If you have the Content Lead role on the site, you can directly edit the menu to change the order of menu links, link titles and paths.  Be careful with this method, as it’s easy to break your site, and there’s no un-do button.  Also, you should probably not change the Path of any item.

  1. Click Manage > Structure > Menus. 
    This displays the list of menus your Drupal site uses.  Please only make changes to the Department Menu.  Do NOT make changes to any of the other menus.  This can break your site.
  2. In the Department Menu row, click List Links.
    This displays the list of links in the Department Menu.
  • To reorder items:
    • Click+drag the handle of an item up or down to a new location. 
    • Dragging left or right will move the item up or down a level (first, second or third level link). 
    • Alternately, click the Show Row Weights link at the top right of the list to display and adjust the values of weight fields.
    • Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
  • To change a link title, click the menu items Edit link, change the Menu link title and click Save.