Drupal 7 - Add a Link to Zoom or other site in Faculty Office Hours

In a Drupal Faculty & Staff profile, you can add a Zoom link in the Office Hours' Comment field.  You can also use this method to link to a signup sheet on Calendly, Google Drive, or other sites.

  1. Login to your Drupal site.
  2. Find the profile page and click New Draft, or find the page in the Content list and click edit.
  3. Scroll to the Office Hours section, and select hours for the relevant day(s).
  4. In the Comments field for that day, you'll type or paste in HTML for the <a> tag (link).
    Here's the format:
    <a href="https://SonomaState.zoom.us/j/zoomsessionnumber">Name's Zoom Link</a>

    The actual HTML would look like this:
    <a href="https://SonomaState.zoom.us/j/1234567890">Lobo's Zoom Link</a>

    Here's a screenshot of what that looks like:
    screenshot of Office Hours fields with HTML in Comments field.
  5. Save and publish the page.
  6. The Office Hours with Zoom link will be displayed on the Faculty member's profile page, and also on the department's Office Hours page.