Zoom Phone FAQ

How do I get a compatible physical phone or a headset? 

IT is providing both physical phones, upon request, and headsets with built-in microphones, for users who want them. Phones must be configured for specific users or office extensions and will be distributed from IT as their number is ported from Avaya to Zoom. To request a physical phone please fill out the Phone Request Form. Both single and double-ear headsets are available for pickup at any time from the IT Help Desk in Salazar.

What do I do with my old Avaya physical phone?

The existing VoIP (Avaya) phones do not work with Zoom. Once you're moved to Zoom, bring the old Avaya phone and any extra network cables to the IT Help Desk in Salazar. IT is collecting them for donations to other organizations who can use them.

Where do I change my Zoom Phone settings?

User options are in two primary locations:

  • Log in to the SSU Zoom Website with your Seawolf credentials. Navigate to the Phone section in the left sidebar menu.
  • Open the settings menu in the Zoom application. The Phone, Audio, and General sidebar sections contain most of the relevant settings.

How do I toggle whether or not a Zoom phone call interrupts my Zoom video conference call?

From the Phone section in Zoom application (see the second bullet point from the previous FAQ question), check / uncheck the box next to "Hide incoming calls while in a Zoom meeting".

How do I toggle which device Zoom Phone rings on?

By default, your Zoom Phone will ring on all devices you’re logged into. You can enable/disable each type of device by clicking the Edit button next to the Call Handling section on the Zoom website. You can change your "business hours" from the same section to further configure which device rings at which time.

How does dialing on and off campus phone numbers change?

  • Off-campus dialing no longer uses the initial 9. You can use 7 digit dialing for calls in the 707 area code, otherwise include the area code. Ex: (310) 867-5309
  • On-campus dialing still uses 5-digit dialing for extensions. Ex: 4-4357

What happens to my existing voicemail on the Avaya system?

Avaya voicemail will not move to Zoom. Check your voicemail prior to your move to Zoom. You do not need to delete your Avaya voicemail as it will be automatically deleted once SSU has fully migrated to Zoom Phones.

How do I share my voicemail with others?

Users can share individual voicemail messages, as well as share entire voicemail inboxes.

What additional Zoom Phone features are available?

IT can enable additional features like SMS (texting), international calling, and making your number unlisted from the Zoom campus directory. Send your request to the IT Help Desk for any changes.

Where do I report issues or get answers to questions not answered above?

Additional resources are below. Contact the IT Help Desk if you still need assistance.

Web Resources

Zoom Phone getting started guide
Downloading Zoom mobile app (for users who want to make / receive SSU calls on a mobile device)