Where can I learn more about Project Management?

CSU Learn contains a variety of online courses in project management. Below is a list of trainings recommended by the PMO:

Recommended CSU Learn Courses
Course Name Description
Project Management Essentials Managing projects is a key function of leadership. This challenge examines methods for overseeing project teams and managing stakeholder expectations.
Project Management Introduction This course covers key project management concepts and terms, and provides information about the variables that can influence project outcomes.
Project Initiation and Planning This course introduces project integration management activities including developing the project charter and developing the project management plan.
Plan and Manage Communications This course covers the Plan Communications Management and Manage Communications project management processes.
Managing Stakeholder Engagement This course covers the Manage Stakeholder Engagement and Monitor Stakeholder Engagement project management processes.
Managing Project Work  This course covers the Direct and Manage Project Work, Manage Project Knowledge, and Monitor and Control Project Work processes.
Capturing, Analyzing, and Using Project Lessons Learned This course covers collecting, analyzing, managing, and passing on lessons learned.