What are the key deliverables of the project management process?

The table below lists the key deliverables for each phase of the project management process.

Phase Project Management Deliverable

Initiating -
The project starts, and the sponsor allocates resources including the PM

  • Kick-off meeting*
  • Project Repository*
  • Project Charter (high-level objectives and key stakeholders)*
  • Project Charter Approval*

Planning -
Define the course of action to achieve the scope of the project.

  • Project Work plan*
  • Requirements Document
  • Stakeholders register
  • Risk & Issues Log
  • Communications plan*
  • Training Plan
  • Plans and Requirements Document Acceptance*

Executing and Controlling -
Implement the plans to complete the work and track and review the progress.

  • Status report
  • Meeting Notes / Action Items
  • Communications*
  • Project Change Request / Change Control
  • Go-Live Sign Off / Final Project Acceptance*

Closing -
Formally complete or close the project

  • Lessons Learned
  • Project Closure in Smartsheet*
  • Project Closure Notification*

*Strongly Recommended

To get any of the available templates, check the Project Management templates shared folder.