What is a Project Charter and when should I create one?

A project charter is a document that formally authorizes the existence of a project and the authority to apply resources to project activities.

Project Leads must ensure that all ITAG-approved projects have a project charter in place during the project's initiating phase.

Tips for Project Leads:

  • Develop the Project Charter with your project team.
  • Review the Project Charter with your project sponsor and get their approval / acceptance.


  • Clear and common understanding of the scope.
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities.
  • Team Building.

Key Elements:

  • Problem Statement
  • Business Case & Benefits
  • Goal Statement
  • Preliminary Milestones
  • Scope In/Out
  • Objectives and Success Criteria
  • Risks and Constraints
  • Project Team Members
  • Stakeholders
  • Cost Estimates
  • Approval / Acceptance

To get a copy of the template, access the Project Management Templates shared folder.