How do I get access to the project management templates?

The PMO has created different templates that can be leveraged by project leads and project teams across SSU.

To get a copy of any of the available templates (only for SSU employees):

  1. Access the PM Templates shared drive in Google with your email address
    • If you don't have access to the folder, click on request access within Google Drive or contact
  2. Find the template that you want to copy and double click on it to open the document
  3. In the menu bar select File > Make a Copy
  4. Edit the name of the document
  5. Select your project's shared folder where you want to add the copy of the template
  6. Go to your folder and start using the template(s)
    Note: The templates can be tailored to the needs of every specific project.

For any questions regarding the PMO templates, contact