IT Procurement Process Flowchart

This flowchart illustrates the Procurement Process for Accessible IT, using the IT Purchase Review Form (Seawolf ID required) and Department Cloud Usage Checklist (Seawolf ID required).

Procurement process flowchart

Full Text

  1. Requester: Research and select a product
  2. Requester: Obtain a VPAT  (If you can not find a VPAT, skip to next step)
  3. Requester: Fill out IT Purchase Review Form (Seawolf ID required)
  4. IT: IT reviews request
  5. IT: Decision - Can it be supported by IT?
    • Yes: skip to next step
    • No: IT notifies you and indicate possible options (end)
  6. IT: Decision - Is product cloud-based?
  7. IT: Is an accessibility review required?
    • Yes: IT reviews the product and works with you to develop an EEAAP, if needed
    • No: skip to next step
  8. IT: IT sends you the approved review
  9. Requester: Send the approved review, DCUC and EREQ to Procurement
  10. Procurement: Procurement reviews the request and works with you on next steps.