Setting Up your Email

This page contains links to resources that show you how to fully configure your new Gmail account. It also contains useful information about Gmail, as well as links to training tools that can help you get familiar with the Gmail interface.

How can I customize my Gmail experience?

The following links explain how to set up your Google Mail, Contacts and Calendar beyond what the migration process will do for you automatically:

Common configuration steps

Other useful information


Additional learning resources

  • You can search the Gmail Help Center for answers to any other Gmail-related questions you may have.
  • Google also provides an extension for Chrome called G Suite Training that enables you to browse and view brief, interactive tutorial videos directly within the Google interface. Instructions for installing and using this extension can be found here. (NOTE: Requires Google Chrome.)
  • Gmail training videos are available through the CSU Learn tile on your portal page. Simply search for the phrase "Gmail" to view all available videos.


Configuring desktop clients and mobile apps

Google strongly recommends using the web interface to access your email, to guarantee that you will have use of the platform's full functionality. However, if you wish to set up your email on a desktop mail client, you may refer to the following documentation to help you configure it. There are additional instructions for setting up your email on a mobile device, using the Gmail app.

NOTE: Be mindful that certain features of Gmail may not work when utilizing external clients. In particular: sharing calendars, scheduling meetings, creating events and configuring Out-of-Office messages are known to present issues outside of the web interface. Use the following at your own risk.