Siteimprove - Accessibility Training in Siteimprove Academy

SSU employees (faculty, staff, student assistants) have access to a large collection of training materials and courses in Siteimprove's Academy.  Some of the courses are free to anyone with a Siteimprove account.  Others require that the user be enrolled in a course or series by the Siteimprove Administrator.

To access Siteimprove's free courses:

  1. Login to Siteimprove with your Seawolf account.
    This creates your account.
    Any SSU employee or student assistant can login to Siteimprove. 
  2. Once in Siteimprove, click the Help Center and Academy link at the top of the page, and select Academy.
  3. View the Course Library, and use the Tags field to search for "free_course."

If you would like access to any of the courses that are not free, please use the Siteimprove Issue/Request form to request access.