Siteimprove - Accessibility Report Email

SSU's Siteimprove service is scheduled to send monthly automated accessibility reports to Drupal website Content Leads.  The email contains a link to the report for your site. 

The report provides an overall accessibility status for the chosen site:

  • Number of issues by conformance level (A, AA, AAA) in total and as a history graph
  • Complete list of issues on the website by severity level (‘Errors,’ ‘Warnings,’ and ‘Reviews’)
  • 10 top level / most viewed pages with accessibility issues.
  • 10 PDFs with accessibility issues.

The report links to detailed Issue, Page and PDF reports in Siteimprove, where Drupal Content Leads can get more information about specific accessibility issues and how to repair them.

View a sample report for IT's website.

Other Types of Reports

Siteimprove can also send automated one-time reports for site quality (broken links, misspellings, etc.) and SEO.  Content Leads can send Dashboard reports directly from their Siteimprove account.  For more information, see "How do I email a dashboard report?" on Siteimprove's support site or use the Siteimprove Issue/Request form for support.