Wifi Security FAQ

Why is wireless Internet security important?

Good wireless security practices can reduce the risks of having your computer, online accounts, or personal information compromised.

When is it generally safe to enter logins, passwords, payments, or other personal information into a website?

When all of the following are true:

  • You are accessing the website using an address (URL) that begins with HTTPS:
  • Your browser has not issued a warning about the website certificate.
  • The website belongs to an organization with whom you are comfortable sharing the information.

Which network should you connect to?

SSU-SECURE is the recommended, encrypted wireless network at SSU.

What precautions should I take when working from an open Wi-Fi network, such as at a restaurant or coffee shop?

  • Avoid highly sensitive activities such as accessing level 1 data at SSU, or
  • connect to the SSU network using the campus VPN (Virtual Private Network). (Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance in configuring and using the campus VPN.)

What is Eduroam and how do I use it?

Eduroam provides on-campus WiFi access to visiting faculty, staff and students from participating institutions utilizing their home institution credentials. It also provides SSU faculty, staff and students who will be visiting a participating institution the ability to connect to Eduroam while away. More information can be found at the Eduroam FAQ.

Can guests use Wifi?

Guests of the university may receive a guest wireless account by being sponsored by an SSU student or employee. For details, see Guest Access to WiFi.