SSU-SECURE Wi-Fi Access on Other Devices

There are many types of operating systems and devices that have WPA2-Enterprise capabilities and may work with SSU-SECURE. Information required to configure a device to connect to SSU-SECURE using WPA2-Enterprise is listed below. If you require assistance configuring your device with these settings, consult the vendor-provided help for your device (ex: manual or website).

SSU-SECURE Connection Settings
Configuration Setting
Network Authentication WPA2-Enterprise
For devices where WPA2-Enterprise isn’t
listed or doesn’t work, you can try 802.1x EAP
Data Encryption AES
Authentication (EAP) Type Protected EAP (PEAP)
Phase 2 Authentication MSCHAPV2
Username Your Seawolf ID
Password Your Seawolf ID Password

Not every device is capable of connecting to SSU-SECURE. If the above settings do not allow you to connect, we recommend that you use SSUWLAN.