Faculty and Staff Computer Refresh FAQ

What is the Refresh program?

The Refresh program is an IT-run project that provides brand new laptop and desktop computers for eligible staff and faculty.

Who is eligible?

Full-time, permanent staff and full-time tenure track faculty are eligible for the Refresh program.

How often is the refresh cycle?

The typical refresh cycle is every four to five years. The age of your computer, noted by its university property number, determines whether you are due for refresh.

What are the computers offered?

IT has vetted four standard computer options that meet the business needs of most of our campus community.  The options include a Windows PC and an Apple Mac, both of which are available in a desktop and laptop form factor.

Staff are provided a Windows desktop computer by default, although alternative configurations are available based on their business needs.

What are the hardware and software specifications of the computers being offered?

A current list of the standard computer specifications are available on our Workstation Hardware and Software page.

What if I want something that is not on the standard option list?

The four standard computer options were chosen to provide a robust computing platform that will remain viable for the life of the refresh cycle. These standardized configurations are a necessity in order to make the Refresh program economically viable. We are receiving significant price reductions when purchasing large volumes of a standard system. If you have computing needs that exceed the abilities of the standard systems provided by the Refresh program, provide the reasons to IT and we will work with our vendors to get the appropriate computing equipment.

IT covers a base cost for computers purchased as part of the Refresh program, while any additional expenses are typically covered by the requestor's department.

Can I keep my old computer as well as receive a new one?

No, your old computer must be turned in. Your old computers are evaluated and if they are still viable and supportable systems, they are redistributed. Many of these go to part-time faculty who are not eligible for the Refresh program. We also distribute these computers to departments to improve the overall quality of department (non-IT) labs across campus, amongst a variety of other needs.

Who can I contact with questions regarding the Refresh program?

Contact the IT Help Desk by phone, email, or in person.