IT Advisory & User Groups

Information Technology works with the following advisory and user groups.

IT Advisory Group

In the spring of 2018, SSU established a university-wide IT Advisory Group in response to an IT assessment that was conducted under the leadership of the Provost in the fall of 2017.


The purpose of the group is to provide an advisory governance structure to help IT align with campus priorities. The group is advisory to the cabinet, via the Provost, in helping set IT priorities for the institution. ITAG’s purpose is to discuss, evaluate, recommend and share information and ideas related to the information and communication technologies used within the University. The group is advisory to the CIO, David Chun, who also attends meetings and is part of the group. 


  • Review and prioritize the IT Project List and ensure strategic alignment
  • Oversee the delivery of IT Projects and the effective use of technology resources
  • Manage all IT related audit findings and ensure overall compliance for disaster recovery
  • Review, recommend, and evaluate hardware and software standards
  • Review and evaluate university refresh cycle of hardware replacement
  • Oversee the creation and maintenance of the IT Strategic Plan
  • Direct the activities related to security posture including IT risk assessment
  • Ensures the protection of and access to sensitive data


The advisory group membership is as follows:

Executive Sponsor Member
  • Dr. Karen Moranski, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Standing Committee Members (12)
  • David Chun, CIO, Chair Pro Temp
  • Dr. Sandra Ayala, School of Education
  • David Crozier, Administration & Finance
  • Ian Hannah, Advancement
  • Dr. Elias Lopez, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Laura Monje-Paulson, Student Affairs
  • Salvador Ochoa Zavalza, Associated Students
  • Kamen Nikolov, Green Music Center
  • Dr. Robin Harders, Office of the President
  • Mike Ogg, Academic Affairs
  • Neil Markley, Administration & Finance
  • Erik Dickson, Student Affairs
Ex Officio Members (2)
  • Jestina Casas, ITAG Secretary of Committee
  • Amanda McGowan, Director PMO & IT Governance (Proxy Voter for IT)


The group meets monthly, typically on the 1st Monday of the month from 1:00 – 2:00 on Zoom.

Adobe Sign Advisory Group

In the Fall of 2020, oversight of Adobe Sign usage moved to the IT Enterprise Applications team. During the height of Sonoma's fully remote community, supporting a model for Adobe Sign and e-signature capabilities was vital to success campus-wide.


The purpose of the advisory group is to establish best practice utilization of Adobe Sign campus-wide. Representatives advise on recommended usage and set-up which supports ease of use and successful implementation. The Adobe Sign Advisory Group's purpose is to discuss, evaluate, recommend and share information and ideas related to the e-signature needs within the University. The group is advisory to the Director of Enterprise Applications, Jaime Russell, who also attends meetings and is part of the group. 


  • Review and prioritize new features released or identified by the Adobe Sign team
  • Review, recommend, and evaluate standards for utilization
  • Request and/or present demos for under-utilized functionality
  • Raise issues and participate in testing
  • Provide recommendations for needed documentation
  • Review final draft documentation and provide feedback
  • Participate in Adobe Sign accessibility discussions
  • Participate in identifying and prioritizing project requests for Adobe Sign Professional Services 


Adobe Sign Advisory Group members are:

  • Jaime Russell, Enterprise Applications, Administration & Finance (Chair)
  • Megan Christensen, Entrepreneurial Activities, Administration & Finance
  • Koushik Damera, Enterprise Applications, Administration & Finance
  • Christopher Dodge, Strategic Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs
  • Rosemary Galten, Biology Department, Academic Affairs
  • Elisabeth Kettmann, Biology Department, Academic Affairs
  • Sadie Pettit, Enterprise Applications, Administration & Finance
  • Stephanie Toves, Strategic Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs


There are currently no scheduled meetings for this group. If you have a question or wish to bring an issue to this group's attention, please submit an Adobe Acrobat Sign Request ticket.

PMO Community of Practice

The PMO Community of Practice - CoP is a formal organization that is sponsored by the CIO and Deputy CIO. The Charter and the mission of the PMO CoP is managed by the PMO Portfolio Manager. 

Mission and Objectives

To foster cross-functional collaboration in project management by facilitating knowledge-sharing and advancing the maturity of project management practices at SSU.


  • Establish a network of IT staff and other departments interested in project management and related topics.
  • Learn from each other and continue to strengthen members’ PM skills
  • Work collaboratively to problem solve and support each other
  • Identify issues with project management in IT 
  • Identify areas for improvement in project management and related processes
  • Share tips on how to effectively engage project stakeholders


The PMO CoP meetings are mandatory for the PMO team and PMO Liaison members. These meetings will provide a safe space to discuss real project management scenarios, learn about how to navigate issues, support each other, and improve IT project management maturity.

The PMO CoP members should participate by bringing up relevant topics. Examples of the topics that can be covered include challenges, obstacles, templates, processes, or successes related to project management. To propose topics to be covered, members can email

Out of the Scope: 

The CoP will not be charged with improving IT processes. The PMO team will escalate the identified issues or areas for improvement with the appropriate IT Manager.


Attendance to the PMO CoP meetings is mandatory  for the PMO team and PMO Liaison members and their active participation is strongly recommended. 

The PMO CoP is open to all other IT staff and managers interested in project management topics. 

Members will share their practical knowledge with other members because the results are useful and help the IT department be more effective.


The CoP meetings will be scheduled bi-monthly and the frequency will be reviewed to address the needs of the participants. If you are interested in participating in these meetings, please contact

Meetings Format

We’ll start with virtual meetings and we’ll evaluate if we can move to hybrid (in-person and via zoom) meetings based on the groups’ needs and feedback.


To learn more about the PMO mission and its services, consult the PMO homepage.

University Web Team

SSU established the University Web Team in 2007 as part of the University's Web Accessibility Implementation Plan and response to the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative.  The Web Team is a group of key web developers and website content editors responsible for most of the University's public, student and employee-facing websites.  Web Team members usually have responsibility for multiple department websites.  Each division and school has at least one Web Team member.


The mission of the University Web Team is to improve the quality, accessibility and consistency of Sonoma State's websites.  Web Team members meet frequently to share information on current web projects, collaborate in the development of web standards, provide feedback to Information Technology and Strategic Communications.  


  • Share information with the University Web Team about the state of and issues pertaining to SSU websites.
  • Disseminate information back to their divisions, schools and departments about current web issues.
  • Participate as early adopters for new web services.
  • Assist in coordination of new web services for administrative websites.
  • Work to improve accessibility compliance of administrative websites.
  • Provide recommendations to campus-wide web standards.


Web Team members are:

  • Ian Carlson, Information Technology
  • Maddie Cole, Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Sandy Destiny, Strategic Communications (Co-Chair)
  • Christopher Dodge, Academic Affairs
  • Jana Duncan, School of Arts & Humanities
  • Rosemary Galten, Biology, School of Science & Technology
  • Christine Hayes, University Library  (Co-Chair)
  • Jennifer Haynes, School of Extended & International Education
  • Alicia Hodenfield, Administration & Finance
  • Aidan Humrich, School of Education
  • Casey Kelly, Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Shahram Marivani, Engineering/School of Science & Technology
  • Leigh McTaggart, School of Arts & Humanities
  • Geeta Menon, School of Extended & International Education
  • Megan Metz, School of Business & Economics
  • Jaime Russell, Information Technology
  • Jill Siliznoff, School of Social Sciences
  • Adriana Vigil, School of Extended & International Education


The group meets on the 4th Tuesday, monthly, 1-2 pm.