How to update your password in Dreamweaver

If you use Dreamweaver to maintain one of SSU's legacy websites on, you have to update the saved password in Dreamweaver's site settings whenever you update your Seawolf account password.  Here's how.

  1. Launch Dreamweaver.
  2. Pull down the Site menu and select Manage Sites.
  3. Select your site and click the edit button (the pencil icon), or double-click the site to open its settings.
  4. In the Site Setup dialog box, click on Servers (on the left).
  5. Select your server and click the edit button, or double-click the server to open its settings.
  6. In the Basic view of the server settings, click inside the password field and delete the saved password.
  7. Retype your new Seawolf password.
  8. Click Test.
  9. If your password was correctly typed, you should get a Successful message. Click OK.
  10. Click Save, Save, and Done.
  11. Now try connecting again.  If you still can't connect, you may wish to check the full site definition instructions.  Then contact the Web Office.