VoIP Telephones & Voicemail Features

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Avaya 960G Phone Manual (PDF)

AVST Voicemail System (PDF)

Avaya Quick Reference (PDF)


  1. Voicemail
  2. Contacts
  3. Call History
  4. Conference Calling
  5. Headsets


To access voicemail from your on-campus phone, press the Messages key and enter your password.

To access voicemail from an off-campus phone:

  • Dial (707) 664-2020 and press # when the call connects
  • You will be asked to enter the 5 digit extension of the mailbox number that you wish to access (Example: 4-4357)
  • Enter your password

A complete list of features is available in the AVST Voicemail System pamphlet


The 9600 series telephones allow you to store up to 250 names with up to three phone numbers per name.

Adding a new contact:

  1. Press Contacts, then New.
  2. Enter the name using the dial pad
  3. Select the next field by pressing the down arrow key and enter the telephone number -- exactly as you would dial it out (remember to insert a '9' for an outside number) and specify the number type (Home, Work or Mobile)
  4. Press Save

Editing a contact:

  1. Press Contacts and then select the entry you wish to edit
  2. Press More, then Edit
  3. Use the dial pad and softkeys to make changes to the contact information
  4. Press Save

Deleting a contact:

  1. Press Contacts
  2. Select the entry you wish to delete and press More, then press Delete
  3. Press Delete again to confirm deletion

Call History

Your VoIP phone keep a log of calls that have been made or received and categorizes them into three categories - missed, answered, and outgoing.  A fourth “all” category provides an ordered list of all incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Use the navigation buttons to scroll through the different categories (the History button is illuminated when you have missed calls. The top left hand corner of the display will indicate the number of missed calls.)
  • Select the appropriate entry from the log to view the call details. You are then able to add the number to your speed dials/contacts (+ contact), call the number back, or delete the entry

Note: Once you have visited the Call Log, the missed call counter resets itself and the CALL LOG button illumination goes out.

Conference Calling

Up to six phone numbers can be added to one call using the conference calling feature.

Outbound Conferencing:

  • With the first caller on the line, press the Conf softkey
  • Dial the next number (either internal or external)
  • When the 2nd caller connects, press the Join softkey to add the second caller to the call
  • Repeat these steps until all parties are added using the Join softkey each time

Note: The conference call can only be maintained as long as at least one Avaya phone user is on the call


Avaya VoIP phones are compatible with most headsets.  The headset must connect to the phone jack with the headset icon on the bottom of the phone via an RJ-11 (telephone) plug.