Avaya Phones

SSU IT has moved to a new VoIP phone service provider and is upgrading the campus telephones in an effort to unify and improve phone service throughout the university.

See Avaya VoIP Telephone Features and User Guide for additional information on how to use the Avaya VoIP phones.

Getting Started Guide

Avaya Quick Reference Handout (PDF)

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How do I make on-campus and off-campus phone calls?

To call an on-campus extension, dial the 5 digit extension of the person you are trying to reach. Example: 4-4357.

To call off-campus numbers, dial '9' followed by the 7 digit number or if long distance dial 9, 1, then the 10 digit number of the person you are trying to reach. Examples: 9 555-1212 or 9 1 (415) 555-1212.

How do I transfer a caller to a voicemail box without ringing a telephone?

  • With the calling party on the line, press the Transfer softkey
  • Dial 42040
  • Enter the 5 digit extension for the destination mailbox
  • Press the Complete softkey

My phone’s ringer is muted when I receive a call. How can I turn up the volume?

While not in a call, press the volume up button until the ringer is at the desired volume.

What headsets will work with the new phone?

Avaya VoIP phones are compatible with most headsets.  The headset must connect to the phone jack with the headset icon on the bottom of the phone via an RJ-11 (telephone) plug.