Andru Luvisi

Information Security Officer

Andru Luvisi
Andru Luvisi





Andru Luvisi has been working at Sonoma State since he took a position as a student assistant in the Library Systems Group in the fall of 1993. He met his future wife on a SSU electronic message board in 1996 and he earned a BS in Applied Mathematics in 1997. He has been focused on information security since 2002, and has served as the campus Information Security Officer since 2011.

Andru has performed volunteer work for the Learning by Making project at SSU, writing the manual for the two programming languages used in the project (jLogo and uLogo), and has served as a volunteer Computer Science instructor, teaching a course on computer history. He is also past chair of the CSU wide Identity and Access Management team and the CSU wide Information Security Advisory Committee. He currently serves on the CSU wide Information Security Standards and Policies Group.

Andru is the current curator of the IT Museum, visible throughout the IT hallways and conference rooms (and including a few interactive exhibits), and the current administrator of the SSU digital two-way radio system.

During his free time, Andru enjoys card tricks, amateur radio, and finding errors in Computer Science textbooks. He is particularly proud of his ranking in The Bank of San Serriffe for the errors he has found in textbooks by Donald Knuth.