Clearing Cached Pages on Drupal

Drupal websites have three levels of caching to improve performance.

  1. The Drupal application will cache pages for some number of minutes.
  2. Varnish, a caching system in between Drupal and the network, will cache pages for some number of minutes (for http requests only, not https).
  3. User’s web browser will cache pages, based on user’s settings.

Sometimes, when you edit and save content, then go look at the page, you won’t see the change you made. This could be due to the content being cached. Here are four things to try.  If you still don't see your change after trying these, contact the Web Office.

Clearing Cached Content
Try This: Does this:

Hit the reload/refresh button on your browser.
Sometimes browsers won't refresh, so you may need to "force" or "hard" refresh.
Instructions for force refresh:  Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

Should clear content cached in your browser.
Try visiting the same page in a different browser, or incognito mode. Loads the page where it hasn’t been previously cached in your browser.
Use the Drupal Clear Cache button (Shortcuts > Clear Cache > Clear all caches) Clears Drupal’s caches.
Visit the same URL, but change https to http, and add ":8080” to the URL just after "".
Change to:
This by-passes the Varnish cache.