How do I export the tracking sheet to Excel?

To export the tracking sheet from Smartsheet for use in Microsoft Excel:

a) Click File > Export > Export to Excel.

Menu to export to Excel

b) The exported data may not appear in Excel exactly as it does in Smartsheet. Here is a list of some of the key differences:

  • Formulas are not preserved. Due to the differences between Excel and Smartsheet formula syntax, formulas are not preserved on export.
  • To work around this, you can store formulas as text by removing the equal sign from in front of the formula and then save the sheet. Once you open the Excel file, you can add the equal sign back and modify the syntax to make the formula work in Excel.
  • Comments appear on a separate tab. You'll find comments on the second tab of the exported workbook.
  • Not all column types are supported in Excel. Excel does not support Dropdown, Contact, Checkbox, or Symbols (harvey balls, flags, and so on). When you export sheets that use these column types, only text values will be exported. Values in Boolean column types (Checkbox for example) will be exported as true or false, according to the state of the item in the cell.

c) The exported tracking sheet will be saved to a location on your computer based on your browser settings.

TIP: To quickly locate the exported file, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J in Windows or Command+Option+L on a Mac to open the Downloads folder for your browser.