How do I start tracking progress in my tracking sheet?

Once a  school/department receives their tracking sheet, they will need to adjust the template to remove or add new goals and tactics.

Follow the guidelines of your division. For instance, for the Academic Affairs division, departments may add up to two new goals per priority if needed (see “how to insert new rows”).

For each Goal and tactic is necessary to identify a specific milestone that can be measured.

Once all of the milestones have been entered, the person responsible will periodically update the following cells per milestone:

a) Budget. Enter the estimated investment to accomplish the specific milestone (initiative).
b) 19-20 Contact. The name and email address of the person leading the initiative.
c) 19-20 % Complete. The overall progress for the initiative.
d) Comments on Progress. Brief description of the progress of the initiative.

Note: The ‘status’ cell is an auto-calculated field (see ‘how is the status field calculated?’)

Image showing the tracking sheet and the fields to update