How do I insert new rows in the tracking sheet?

To insert a new row:

a) Right click on the existing row where you want to add a new goal/tactic/milestone.
b) Select “insert above” or “insert below” according to where you need to place the new row.
  • Image showing the menu to insert a row
c) Once the new row is added, it will keep the formulas of the calculated cells (e.g. “19-20 status”).
You can test this by entering 0 in the "% Complete" cell, and the status should change to “Not Started”.
d) If you want to copy information from existing rows (e.g. Division, School, Strategic Category, Goal, etc.)
  • Select the cells or groups of cells to copy
  • Copy (Ctrl + C)
  • Paste the copied cells into the new row (Ctrl + V)

image showing o on the % Complete field and Not Started as the status


*Note: Avoid copying and pasting a whole row because this process deletes the formulas from the calculated cells (e.g. status).