Filters - How do I create a new filter?

To create a new filter:

  1. Within the tracking sheet, click on the filter menu from the toolbar “Filter Off” (when there is no filter selected)
  2. Select “New Filter
  3. On the “Create New Filter” window, enter the name of your filter (e.g. “Student Success” if you wanted to filter all rows that belong to that Strategic Category)
  4. On the ‘Show rows that match..’ field select the field that you want to use to filter information (e.g. Strategic Category)
  5. Select the condition/value to filter on (e.g. filter rows which strategy category is one of “Student Success”)
  6. Click Apply

Note: If you need to share a new filter with other users of the tracking sheet, please contact

Image showing options a and bImage showing options c and d