Dashboards - How do I view my school’s/department's dashboard?

You can access your individual school’s/department’s dashboard from your division’s dashboard (see how to view my division’s dashboard) :

a) Within your division’s dashboard click on the link with the name of your school/department (e.g. Information Technology)

Image showing reference links to different dashboards

 Your school’s/department’s dashboard includes the following sections:

b) Overall Progress. A section that shows overall metrics for # of Tactics, # of Milestones, “% Complete”, and “Budget”.

c) Milestones Progress. Shows the overall status for all milestones.

d) Reference links. With links to “How Tos and FAQs”, the corresponding tracking sheet (source of metrics), the division’s strategic plan, and the division’s dashboard.

e) Milestones per Strategic Category

f) Report by Strategic Category. Shows a summary row by strategic category.

Image of an individual dashboard and its sections