Dashboards - How do I view my division’s dashboard?

To view your division’s dashboard:

a) Within Smartsheet click on the Home icon on the navigation panel.

b) On the right side window, you will see the list of dashboards and sheets that you have access to.

c) Find the dashboard with the name of your division (e.g. “Academic Affairs Rollup Dashboard”). Click on the name to open the dashboard.

Image about how to select a Dashboard

Your division’s rollup dashboard consists of different sections including:

d) Reference links. With links to “How Tos and FAQs”, the strategic plan of the division, dashboards for all of the division’s schools/departments, and the SSU dashboard.

e) Overall Progress. A section that shows overall metrics for “% Complete”, “Budget”, # of Schools and Departments, and the Health of the Division’s strategic plan.

f) Overall Status. Shows the overall status of all of Schools/Departments

g) "% Complete by School/Department"

h) Rollup Report by Department. Shows a summary row by school/department.

Image shows the Division's Dashboard