Access - How do I add a new collaborator to my school’s/department’s tracking sheet?

To add a new collaborator:

a) Open your school’s/department’s tracking sheet and then click on the “Share” button located on the top left corner. This will open the “Sheet Sharing” window.
Image showing the Share button
b) In the “Invite Collaborators” field, type the name of the person to whom you want to share the tracking sheet. If the person already exists in the system, you’ll see their name and email address; click on the name to invite as a new collaborator.
Image showing an existing name
c) If the person’s name doesn’t show on the list of existing users, then type in the person’s SSU email address. Make sure you use the email address that contains their unique username (e.g. and not the one with the firstname.lastname. You can find the email address in your Gmail directory.
Image showing a new email typed in as a collaborator
d) Once you enter the name of the collaborator, click on the “Permissions” dropdown list and select the desired option:
  • Editor – can share. Can edit the sheet and can share the sheet; without the ability to add new columns.
  • Editor – cannot share. Can edit the sheet and cannot share the sheet; without the ability to add new columns.
  • Viewer. Can view all the contents of the sheet; without the ability to edit.

Image showing the list of options for permisions

e) In the ‘Invite Details’ section, type a subject line and a brief message to notify the new collaborator.
f) Click on “Share Sheet” and the system will send a notification.
Image showing the invite message