.Glossary of Terms

Strategic Plan

These are outcome statements that define what SSU is trying to accomplish both strategically and organizationally. Goals can relate to both strategic issues (those related to the organization’s ability to deliver on the strategic plan priorities) as well as operational issues (those related to with improving the organization’s ability to operate effectively over both the short and long term).
Milestones are useful for large, multi-year goals that have numerous components. For instance, a milestone for the Graduation Initiative 2025 is that on an annual basis we would measure to ensure that SSU is on track to achieve the graduation, retention, and graduation gap goals for 2025 set by the Chancellor’s Office.
Strategic Category
These are the key strategic priorities translated into overarching organizational goals to be addressed by SSU as it implements its strategic plan. Our strategic priorities provide a road map for Sonoma State’s strategic plan implementation in 2018-2025.
Strategic Plan
A document that guides an institution to focus on shared priorities, values, and aspirations.
Precise, measurable, time-phased results that support the achievement of a goal (sometimes called tactical objectives or associated tasks).
Tracking Sheet
A spreadsheet built in Smartsheet where every school / department will track their strategic plan milestones and their progress.