Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists (aka "listserv") are a form of computer mediated communication that could be described as an interactive mailing list.

A mailing list system allows people to send e-mail to one address, whereupon their message is copied and sent to all of the other subscribers to the mail list. In most cases, individuals must subscribe to a mailing list in order to participate, and must unsubscribe if they wish to stop receiving e-mail from the list.

Sonoma State University supports the following types of mailing list use.

General Use Mailing Lists at SSU

A mailing list may be created to support subjects of interest to the University or to University groups. Faculty, staff, or students may request that such lists be established. Persons interested in establishing such a mailing list should first consult the SSU Mailing List Guidelines.

To request the creation of a general use mailing list, email a request with the following information to IT Help Desk:

  • a proposed title for the list,
  • a welcome message describing the purpose of the list and the intended audience.

Academic Department Announce Lists

These lists are designed for departments to send important information that students need, and so are not opt-in/opt-out. Thus students are not individually subscribed. Instead the list will have a single subscription for all majors, e.g At delivery time this is expanded to all students listed in CMS-HRSA (via LDAP) as having the major. The list administrator can subscribe faculty and other department staff if desired.

To request the creation of an Academic Department Announce List, the department chair or AC should contact the IT Help Desk. The standard name given to the list will be: Dept-Announce, e.g. COMS-Announce.

Class Mailing Lists

Effective November 8, 2018, the Class Mailing List tool will no longer be in service.  We encourage faculty to take advantage of the communication tools available in the Canvas LMS and in Peoplesoft.  If you have questions about these, please contact the Faculty Center at

Class Email in Canvas and Moodle

Both Canvas and Moodle have tools that faciltiate email communication with your students.  For more info, see Class Email in Moodle or the Canvas Faculty FAQ.