CFS Downtime: CFS will be taken offline beginning 5:00 PM on 8/24 for a server move and is expected to be back online by 9:00 AM on 8/26. The Financial Data Warehouse (FDW) will be taken down at the same time. Once the system comes back online, the FDW will contain transactions through 2:00 AM on 08/24 and will be refreshed with all data on 08/29.
IT's Website Update: IT's website has been updated.  Most content is now in either the IT Forms or How Tos and FAQs section.  Can't find something?  Click Need Help and submit a Website Issue ticket.
Canvas and Moodle: As the transition to Canvas proceeds, both Moodle and Canvas are available to instructors.  Faculty support for both systems is available from the Faculty Center.  Students should contact the IT Help Desk for support. 

The Information Technology Department (IT), under the direction of the Associate Vice President of Information Technology/CIO, is responsible for services related to university-wide infrastructure (network, wireless, and cabling) and information systems (academic affairs, student services, business services, library system, telephone system, voice-mail, Internet, web services, etc.)

Information and communications technologies serve as the basis for influencing how people work, learn, communicate, and do business. Sonoma State University is constantly evaluating and strategizing cost-effective ways to meet the technology expectations and demands of the students and workforce while being mindful of the budget. SSU recognizes the importance that technology plays in the success of our students, faculty, and staff, and is dedicated to continued improvements.